One Hundred Thousand and One Reasons iPECS Cloud is the Leading Channel-Only UCaaS Provider

Leading Cloud service provider Pragma secured their position as the channel’s top UCaaS Provider with recognition as UCaaS Vendor of the Year at the Comms National Awards, as well as reaching a major milestone with their iPECS Cloud platform hitting 100,000 subscribers. 

With subscriber growth of over 38% this year, Pragma has outperformed the UK market growth rates and accelerated the adoption of their iPECS UCaaS services. 

Through their partnership with Ericsson-LG, Pragma has been forging a path to become the leading channel-only service provider in the UCaaS market. The Comms National Awards win further secured their position as the leading channel-only UCaaS provider. 

Their partner Ericsson-LG has seen global success in key markets with their iPECS Cloud platform growing rapidly in the US, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea and South Africa. The UK has led the way and is the first of their platforms to exceed 100,000 subscribers. 

The 100,000th subscriber was added by long-term Pragma partner Focus Group. Ralph Gilbert, Co-founder and Director at Focus Group, commented: “We have been working with the Pragma team for nearly ten years and have seen rapid growth with the iPECS Cloud platform and Ericsson-LG and know there’s much more to come.”

Will Morey, Group Chief Executive and Pragma Co-founder, commented: “Every single one of these subscribers has come from the hard work of our partners and the whole team is incredibly proud of securing this achievement through partnerships with the UK’s best resellers. The support from the whole team at Ericsson-LG has been amazing, and this is a shared achievement with them.” 

Dominic Black from Cavell added: “Pragma exceeding 100k users highlights their success in supporting their channel partners to sell Ericsson-LG iPECS solution in the UK market in an increasingly competitive market. With their current growth rates in terms of the number of new users at double the forecast overall UK market growth for 2022, we expect Pragma to continue to execute successfully in the future and enable their customers to move to the cloud.” 

Ahed Alkhatib, Global Sales and Marketing VP for Ericsson-LG Enterprise added: “We are really happy to celebrate this achievement with Pragma and their reseller partners. The UK market has been a huge success story for us, and we are seeing this success replicated around our other global markets.” 

Pragma is part of the EnableX Group, a channel-focused technology company delivering unified Communications as a service from Ericsson-LG alongside its sister brands Techland, the only Gold accredited Ribbon distributor in Europe and Candio, a specialist in white-label digital services. 

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