Candio is now trusted by 60 channel partners!

Two years from the beginning of the Candio journey, we are set to turn over just over £1.5M in pure recurring revenue. This is mainly thanks to the popularity in the channel. With that, we are also happy to announce that we have started working with our 60th channel partner!

Back in September 2020, Candio was purpose-built by Pragma (now part of the EnableX Group) with the purpose and focus of helping technology partners increase their recurring revenue by selling white-label digital solutions to their customers.

As a software company with the purpose of helping telecoms, IT and print providers, we have created a range of self-service digital products that our partners can rebrand and resell to their customers, helping in two key areas of their business:

Recurring Revenue

With the ISDN switch-off looming, and every customer looking to reduce their monthly bill, resellers are going to feel this on their monthly bill run. That’s why all of our products are sub £10.00 per month in monthly subscriptions.

Customer Value

All of our products have been purpose-built for small-medium-sized businesses. They’re simple, easy to use & offer tangible results. And traditionally, they aren’t services that our partner would normally sell meaning they can move forward from being their ‘phone provider’ ‘IT support company’ or ‘the guys that set up the printer’ to a true partner within their business.

Simplicity is at the heart of what we do, offering a unique onboarding process and an even simpler sales process.

Back in 2020, we launched our first product, Web Listings. Fast forward to now, two years later, we have launched Web Listings to over 100,000 SMEs. 

What is Web Listings?

Web Listings is a single dashboard where a business can update their opening hours, contact details and other general company information across 50+ online directories – places like Google, Bing and Apple Maps, and plenty more.

Based on the statistics of all these businesses, the average SME will see an increase of 38% in phone calls, a 23% increase in search appearances and an 18% increase in website visits.

Building on the success we had with Web Listings, in the back end of last year, we launched our second product – Website Optimiser. 

What is Website Optimiser?

We didn’t waste much time on naming this product; it does exactly what it says it does on the tin. It optimises your customer’s website for best performance, and it does this by:

  • Ensuring their website is easily found by downloading a copy of the site map and automatically indexing it on search engines.
  • Provide a full audit on the website – highlighting any issues that are affecting SEO, performance, security, and mobile optimisation, even providing the tools to fix the issues we highlight with a few clicks.
  • And finally… providing any real-time alerts like if the website goes down, has a security breach or can no longer be found online, customers will receive an email notifying them.

All of this resulting in the average customer’s website receiving 50% more web visits and increasing their SEO performance by 18%.

What is SafeWeb?

SafeWeb scans the Dark Web and informs your customers about sensitive information that’s been found like their passwords, emails, or credit card details, so they can take action and stay safe. 

SafeWeb’s Dark Web Monitoring performs enhanced searches of the Dark Web and notifies your customers if sensitive data is found, so they can immediately take action to protect their data and their business.

What Our Partners Say About Us

“The Candio team have helped us increase our recurring revenues and deliver great products to our customers. Online presence is most important now than ever before and helping our customers being found online and managing their presence is a perfect service for BDR. Getting onboard is simple – we were up and running in no time. Candio makes delivering digital services under the BDR brand a no brainer” Malek Rahimi MD at BDR Group

“Working with Candio has enabled us to help our customers transition to a digital-first world. We were able to provide them with a free of charge period last year that gave them the tools to take their web presence to the next level. Our Partnership with Candio has not only enabled us to provide great services to our customers, but its significantly increased our recurring revenue which continues to play a key role in our business.” Martin Dunne MD at Mtech

Become a Candio Partner

If you’d like to find out more about becoming a Candio partner and selling any of the above products to your customers, and increasing your recurring revenue, get in touch with us.

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