Are you winning with CX?

The relevance of customer experience, often known as CX – is well documented and can be applied to every industry. As with all buzzwords, it means a myriad of different things to different people and is often co-opted into every product to provide a fresh angle on what they are delivering.

In the UCaaS space, CX has always played a substantial role, and customer interaction through voice channels has always been a vital area of customer experience. UCaaS provides many opportunities to personalise and better customer and employee communication experiences. The natriuretic of UCaaS as a Cloud-driven portal-controlled technology means that adapting and innovating customer experience is really at the fingertips of every business.

The key to making these adaptations and using the newfound agility to achieve competitive advantage is having access to insight into what customers are doing as they interact with you. At EnableX, our experience is primarily centred around the iPECS platform, and we have been working with users across multiple industries for many years to ensure we can deliver more ‘wow’ and less pain when interacting.

The rapid development of our iPECS Analytics platform is a testament to this focus, and in recent months we have seen outstanding growth and adoption of this tool. iPECS Analytics helps businesses understand how their customers use the voice channel, how they respond to messaging and their performance in meeting customer expectations.

The platform seamlessly brings together the data analytics of customer behaviours with the insights derived from the call recordings and an understanding of genuine customer sentiment and engagement. iPECS Analytics, alongside our WebRTC tool, iPECS ONE, enables a business to effectively communicate and collaborate with the outside world and their team.

In the last month alone, we have seen another huge increase in subscribers, with more than 150% subscriber growth on our CX platform iPECS Analytics. Across our customer base, partners see the benefits of CX at the heart of their sales, winning new business and retaining customers.

Are you leading with CX at the heart of your sale?

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