Stepping Beyond: EnableX’s Journey from the UK to South Korea (on foot!)

Since starting to work for Pragma in 2021, I had heard Will Morey toy with the idea of journeying from the UK to South Korea through some form of collaborative workforce effort numerous times. Pragma are the UK’s sole distributor for Ericson-LG iPECS technology and are based in Seoul, South Korea, so it was the perfect goal for us to stride towards.

Initially, the idea was pitched as having an exercise bike in the warehouse which anyone could hop on and off to eventually cycle the 5500 miles to South Korea.

However we found a better solution in Reaction Club!

Reaction Club track your steps and provide weekly leaderboards and cumulative step counts – this was exactly what we needed to count the 11,000,000 steps needed to be taken by our 31 participating employees. At EnableX, we’ve always valued the health and well-being of our employees. So this challenge wasn’t just about walking from the UK to South Korea, it was about taking steps towards a healthier lifestyle too.

We saw a strong turnout of steps throughout the challenge and the goal really pulled out the competitive spirit in the team. Two of the gang even made it to Korea ahead of the pack! Helen and Andy took a trip to Korea in June to for the Global Product Management meeting. They had a wonderful time and Andy’s feet were so hot from all the steps he took an, accidental, dip in the Seoul Gyeonggi-Do River!

Another jet-setting contributor was our Group Orders & Provisioning Team Lead, Sally Button, who smashed out a massive 132,881 steps on her holiday to Norway. It was during the same week that we crossed the finish line and ‘arrived’ at our destination.

We are elated by what we have achieved together and are already embarking on our next step challenge to walk the length of the Great Wall of China which is a mind boggling 13,171 miles in length.

I want to take a moment to thank the team for their active participation which made the journey such an enjoyable experience to take together.

Next stop… the moon! (Estimated to arrive 2030)

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