Digital Transformation in the Hospitality Sector

Technology today is transforming business in general, and it has changed the way that restaurants and the hospitality industry work. There are tools to take orders online, deliver, and control costs while making customers happy.

Restaurants & hotels need to stay on top of these trends to stay competitive and keep customers satisfied so that they return again and again. Look at these five digital transformation tips for the hospitality industry:

Online Ordering / Reservations

Research shows that around 40% of restaurants & hotels offer online ordering today. 

As customers grow accustomed to this feature, they will choose businesses that have it available. There are many different applications that businesses can use to make this experience simple and convenient for customers. For example, they can use QR codes for menus or offer contactless text message notifications.

Creating an app with the menu and allowing customers to make reservations online. More people use smartphones than ever before, so your customers want to make sure that your website is optimized for them. Customers can order, make reservations, and pay online, which makes them happy and saves time and money when you invest in these tools.

Develop an Online Presence

Social media is critical for business success today. It is an excellent place to interact with customers and draw in new business. 

Customers should ensure that their websites are optimised in order for users to find their website easily, detect bugs and get real-time alerts resulting in an improved website ranking. 

Our Website Optimiser tool analyses your top-ranking competitors and analyses your keywords to make sure that you are using the most profitable ones. Your customers need online visibility so that new customers learn about their restaurant/hotel, and existing customers can recommend it to their friends and family.

The Candio Web Listings tool lets users update and publish their business information to more than 50 platforms at once. 

Research shows that 76% of local searches result in a visit within 24 hours. Web Listings helps ensure your customer’s business is highly ranked upon potential customer’s search.

Create Self-Ordering Kiosks

Studies show that nearly 90% of customers want to use self-ordering services when they go to a restaurant. As the younger generations become a significant portion of the clientele, restaurants need to keep up with their tech-related expectations. With tools that allow customers to choose what they want to order and add in customisation preferences, there are fewer errors, and they are happy.

This technology can be integrated into a loyalty program where your customers can be rewarded for returning to the restaurant, and it can be linked to an app that they download on their phones. Our Website Optimiser tool also helps to make sure that your customers can stay connected.

Collect Reviews Online

Reviews are as important as ever because most people check online reviews before they try a new restaurant. With Candio’s Reviews tool, your customers can ensure that they are collecting reviews online. This tool is the fastest way to collect new reviews and manage them online, helping to boost customer rankings.

In this tool, customers can set up an intuitive review request that is sent out by email, text, or QR code and connect it to their CRM or POS so that you can reach all their customers easily. All of their reviews can then be seen in one place on a dashboard that collects them from all different platforms, which saves time for having to check different websites.

By monitoring and responding to these reviews, this will engage customers and build trust in the online community. More people will try the restaurant/hotel when they see that they are engaged.

Stay On Top Of Website Performance

It is crucial to stay on top of website performance. Customers want to see websites that are intuitive and easy to navigate. They shouldn’t have broken links and it should give them all the information they are looking for. With Candio’s Website Optimiser tool, the performance analysis feature enables your customers to know about all of the aspects of their performance.

Final Thoughts

There are a few ways to digitalise restaurants and hotels, and your customers need tools to make it simple. Tools such as the Listing, Reviews, and Website Optimiser from Candio will help them build a more loyal customer base and increase your profits.

If you’d like to find out more about becoming a Candio partner and selling any of the above products to your customers, and increasing your recurring revenue, get in touch with us.

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